This blog has been sitting around for a couple years just germinating (or rotting, if you so prefer). We who teach adults in our parishes face discouragement. We are often overcoming our own atrophy by helping others overcome theirs. I was tempted to write “Abandon hope, all ye who enter” above the door, but God gives hope to the hopeless. We truly are facing infinite possibilities of growth. We’ve done our best – now watch God work!

I firmly believe that all adults Catholics (those who have been confirmed) can prosper if guided through some form of discipleship. I am not thinking along the lines of mega classes dissemination cold data from endless PowerPoint decks. I am thinking of older, more experienced brothers and sisters in Christ who will come alongside and walk with them for a few years, getting the newly confirmed firmly grounded in both teaching and practice.

We have a bad habit in our parishes of confirming immature young people and setting them loose upon the world with no further training.  I understand the need the Bishop sees in giving our young people all the weapons of spiritual warfare they can. We in the local parishes can help by focusing on shorter confirmation prep followed by years of discipleship/mystagogy.

I have also seen just how ineffective our classroom format is. The catechist must be in the trenches with those she/he disciples. I pray that our parishes develop 12 age-level teachers supplemented by 50 disciplers.


Married with three sons (ora pro me) to a long-suffering wife (ora pro her!), my joy comes from learning and teaching the adult catechism classes at my local parish. I’m currently distilling many years of teaching into what I know about discipleship and making disciples.

Having barely escaped with a liberal arts degree over 35 years ago, I have repented my wasted years and have spent many hours reviewing my history and language and sciences so I would not be the ignoramus my college transcript proclaims me to be.

Born in the Eisenhower era, I have run the political gamut from socialist Democrat to Conservative and back again and then out in other directions. This includes a fascinating six month detour as an anarchist.

I do miss snow at Christmas but the Pacific Northwest seems to suit my temperament. If you find me, you are welcome to stop by for a cup of freshly ground, strong coffee.

By the way, I do mizpell things and end sentences prepositions with. Rather than contacting me over grammar, add extra prayers after mass for me. It’ll do the both of us a greater service.

May His blessings fill you and yours.