All my excuses are gone.

For the last forty-five years I’ve made excuses why I couldn’t do what was important in my heart. I’d blame it on work, on overtime, on extra continuing education, on the kids, on required family dinners. On and on and on the excuses went.

But now, due to medical and other reasons, I have shut down my business and can only survey the wreckage of the last four decades.

No excuses. No pity parties. Steven Pressfield talks about Resistance in his classic book The War of Art. I highly recommend you get a copy of it and read it three times. Read it while you are still young enough to have a major impact on this world.

Anywho, I was dealing with this. Have you ever filled up your life so you wouldn’t have time to do what you knew was right? Your honor, I plead guilty and refuse to ask for leniency.

So now – in order to have room to do the good that I want – I’m downsizing. Do you have too many good books? I blew a lot of money on books. Tried to sell them –¬† the bookstores already have too much stock. Ebay is selling them for break even prices only.

Stop thinking about what you can gain, think about what will help the community. Libraries, schools? Make an effort, but give of your best stuff.

I also discovered how many outdated computer books I had. Not salable, not able to give away, time for recycle. Ooh, that was painful! I’m glad you all didn’t have to watch that.

I donated half my carefully used wardrobe. Nothing stained or ripped, mind you! When you give, don’t give crap. Give your best. Boom! Everything now fits on five feet of 1 1/2 inch dowel.

Slowly my office is becoming usable again. The fog of the last 45 years is lifting. And the garage! Maybe my father will stop spinning in his grave.