I’m going to keep this post very short, but I have a confession to make.

I just deleted a tweet (@rcdisciple). It wasn’t racy. I had been working on it longer than I normally work on a tweet. It went through five revisions. It made perfect sense. It was theologically correct, grammatically correct, and even intentionally correct. It spoke volumes to the brain. And that was the problem.

It would never be effective. It didn’t speak to the heart. So, I deleted it. After it had been online for a couple hours. Embarrassing.

In all my years of teaching and discipling, breakthroughs never came when that other person said, “That computes.” First you must touch the heart, and the head magically opens like a daylily. Now you can implant knowledge! Almost all decisions are made from the heart. The head serves to justify the decisions. The head is what cements their heart choices.

Even teaching RCIA is not about getting the content in. May I assume that my middle age class shows up because they are curious and hungry, not because their mother made them go? Feed the heart. Show how being Roman Catholic can change their life and the lives of all around them. Then give them the reasons.

Knowledge is important. It prevents the World, the Flesh, and the Devil from destroying the good work the Holy Spirit is doing. But faith isn’t book learning as much as it is the heart’s commitment.

I leave you with this short meme from Pinterest.

35 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers